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Angelique Van Ombergen

ESA’s OoDrop experiment on Drop Tower

Why do astronauts suffer from significant muscle wasting and bone loss while in zero gravity? Dr. Simon Wüest from the Lucerne University

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BRACE Bedrest – ready for round 2!

ESA, with support of CNES, is continuing the second part of a new 60-day bedrest study at the MEDES Space Clinic in

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ESA’s “BRAIN DTI” experiment team awarded with Compelling Results award

ESA’s BRAIN DTI experiment, assessing how the brain adapts to spaceflight making use of MRI brain scans, has been honoured with the

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ESA SciSpacE experiment: Muscle Stimulation

Learn more about the ongoing ESA SciSpacE “Muscle Stimulation” experiment in this video.

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BRACE Bedrest study campaign 1 completed

ESA, with support of CNES, started a new 60-day bedrest study at the MEDES Space Clinic in Toulouse. The study investigates the

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“Research on ISS” panel at Paris Air Show 2023 (Le Bourget)

On day 2 of the 2023 Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, ESA organised a panel on “Science results and benefits from the International Space

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Parabolic Flight – How does ESA prepare for future lunar and martian missions?

At the shortest, it takes 4 days to reach the Moon from Earth (more in the context of the Artemis missions), and

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The future of the science of space exploration published in npj Microgravity collection

Read the published papers in npj Microgravity in the “The future of science of space exploration: a European view” here.

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