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iGEM in Space: Meet the Space Network

We are excited to announce an upcoming webinar on “iGEM in Space: Meet the Space Network” which will be held on 3 April at 16:00 CEST on Zoom.

Engage with leading professionals in the cutting-edge fields of synthetic biology and space exploration to improve your project and enrich your ideas!

This event brings together distinguished panelists, including:

  • Dr. Rodrigo Coutinho de Almeida [SciSpacE, ESA]
  • Dr. Charles Cockell [University of Edinburgh, PI ESA BioRock]
  • Dr. Lynn Rothschild [NASA Ames, Brown University]
  • Dr. Christopher E. Mason [Weill Cornell Medicine, PI NASA Twin Study]

Registration here.

Learn more about the iGEM Space Initiative: https://technology.ige