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Info session on ESA's 3D BioSystem - SciSpacE
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Info session on ESA’s 3D BioSystem

On 18 January, an online info session was held on ESA’s 3D BioSystem that is currently in development and that will fly to the ISS NET 2027.

ESA is currently developing a 3D BioSystem that will consist of a 3D Bioprinter and 3D cell culture units and as such be able to generate in-orbit 3D Biological samples that can be further incubated, matured, stimulated, and analysed in-situ.

The aim of the info session is to provide more technical details on the 3D BioSystem, as well as provide more info on the timeline to propose experiments through a planned Announcement of Opportunity.  

The meeting was held on 18 January 2024 from 9h30-12h00 CET.

Slides from the session can be found here:

The recording from the info session can be found at the following link.