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SciSpaCE Platforms

SciSpacE Platforms

ESA SciSpacE is conducting research on a variety of platforms and space destinations. More information on each platform is listed here.

Sounding Rocket

Sounding rockets are a unique mission platform for providing truly excellent levels of microgravity.

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Accessing the Moon

ESA access to the Moon for science within this decade will be achieved through partnership with other agencies and potentially through the procurement of flights from commercial actors. In the decade to follow, access to the Moon is envisaged through a combination of international partnerships and delivery in ESA’s Argonaut lander.

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ESA has been supporting biomedical research at the IPEV/PNRA-owned Concordia station at Antarctica for almost two decades.

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Isolation and Confinement Studies

ESA SciSpacE implements isolation and confinement studies to investigate the psychological impact of spaceflight.

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Bedrest is an often used space analogue to investigate spaceflight-related physiological changes.

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Gateway will be a free flying and human tended station in the vicinity of the Moon.

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International Space Station (ISS)

The International Space Station (ISS) with ESA’s Columbus module is a unique platform allowing research in the space environment, and in microgravity

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Ground-Based Facilities (GBF)

ESA provides access to ground-based facilities that are state-of-the-art, unique and have a high space relevance.

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Investigating the Biological and Physical Effects of Radiation (IBPER)

ESA provides scientists with an opportunity to conduct research necessary to advance knowledge relevant to the effects of space radiation in the area of Life, Physical, and Moon & Mars Sciences.

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Drop Tower

Drop towers are multi-purpose facilities, which enable autonomous experiment packages to be submitted to true free-fall conditions.

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