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Bone Tissue Engineering in Space - SciSpacE

Bone Tissue Engineering in Space

Bone cell response should be accurately investigated to attain a more in-depth comprehension of those mechanisms that elicit an altered pathway responsible for a general pathological outcome. A greater understanding can then support the development of effective countermeasures to be usefully integrated in future “healthcare” programs for astronauts and Earth patients, as well. In addition, the potential to regenerate bone, according to tissue engineering principles, needs to be critically considered to develop biomimetic functional biological substitutes. This expectation can also be enhanced by exploiting calcium-phosphates and graphene as “active” means to support specific cell processes, with reference to bone tissue.

To this aim, a detailed analysis of biological assays reported to date and the definition of specific protocols for in vitro cell cultures performed using ad hoc approaches, intelligently designed for space missions, will be the main topics to be considered. Addressing those issues affecting astronauts will pave the way to tailored scientific protocols and investigational analysis for safe long-term/ long-distance missions.