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Parastronaut Physiology - SciSpacE

Parastronaut Physiology

Disability on Earth depends on the condition and the environment. The ESA parastronaut project challenges us to re-think the environment and poses a key research question:

  • What are the physiological concerns for a parastronaut before, during and after space flight?

The Topical Team shall:

  • Review the literature to highlight risks and benefits of parastronaut’s missions, and evaluate procedures and technologies that could support parastronauts.
  • Consider adaptations, countermeasures, and recovery in relation to space flight, as well as training and performance during routine and emergency procedures
  • Focus on the physical disabilities that more commonly affect those under 60 years of age
  • Identify the physiological mechanisms and limitations for safe space exploration, propose viable solutions and alternative approaches
  • Provide new physiological indications for up-to-date guidelines for safe and successful parastronaut missions
  • Highlight those disabilities that may be more suited to space flight