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Pharmacological Countermeasures - SciSpacE

Pharmacological Countermeasures

Despite decades of human space missions, there are known unknowns regarding pharmacological countermeasures (PCMs) that have not yet been satisfactorily resolved, many of which are centred on the potential effects of spaceflight-altered physiology on the handling and action of administered medications. This is also a key point of crosslinking with most of the other disciplines. Other issues centre on the medication supply since re-supply opportunities will be limited as distance from Earth increases. Current PCMs must be re-evaluated, both for suitability in new mission scenarios and updated as new terrestrial therapies are developed. Additionally, new hazards, like exposure to planetary dust, will necessitate new countermeasures.

The multidisciplinary Topical Team will investigate:

  • Effects of space-altered physiology on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug interaction, drug-nutrition interaction, drug-microbiota interactions, and drug physical therapies interaction issues
  • Mitigating medication-related problems in relation to medication use, medication supply and long-acting/personalized dosage forms
  • Coping with emerging hazards such as deep space radiation, planetary hazards, and newly recognized risks to humans in space
  • Optimization of existing pharmacological countermeasures via personalized medicine options, such as pharmacogenomics and update treatments used in space as per new terrestrial treatments, also solve regulatory issues on medication in space