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Space Radiation Research for the Lunar Missions - SciSpacE

Space Radiation Research for the Lunar Missions

The current space programmes related to Deep Space Gateway (DSG) and the moon base require definition of programmes and of payloads and facilities for space radiation research. The radiation environment on the moon is indeed substantially different than in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The moon has an exceedingly small atmosphere density and magnetic field intensity and is therefore much more exposed to energetic heavy ions from the galactic cosmic radiation than LEO. This increases the uncertainty on the radiation-induced late effects. Moreover, the risk of acute effects from intense SPE (Solar Particle Events) (radiation exposure from Solar Particle Events) during EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) becomes significant and needs to be addressed. Finally, the possibility of exploiting in situ resources for thick shielding of the Moon bases is also an issue not relevant for LEO.

This Topical Team shall review the differences in the space environment between moon and LEO, and define a roadmap for scientific activities on ground, on the DSG, and on the moon for monitoring and mitigate the impact of space radiation exposure.