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Physical Sciences Working Group (PSWG) - SciSpacE

The PSWG is a group of external scientists that advises ESA on physical sciences activities.

Current PSWG membership:

  • Dr. Ruth Bamford, STFC RAL Space, UK – Plasma Physics [co-Chair]
  • Dr. Patrick Guenoun, CEA, FR – Condensed Matter
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Lee, University College London , UK – Materials Science
  • Prof. dr. Mirco Magnini, University of Nottingham, UK – Heat transfer
  • Prof. Dr. Elisa Padovano, Politecnico di Torino, IT – Materials science
  • Dr. Albert Roura, Institute of Quantum Technologies, DLR, DE- Fundamental Physics [co-Chair]
  • Dr. Arnaud Saint-Jalmes, University of Rennes, FR – Soft Matter
  • Prof. dr. Fulvio Scarano, Delft University of Technology, NL – Physics of Fluids
  • Prof. Dr. Gugliermo Tino, Universita’ degli Studi di Firenze, Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, IT – Fundamental Physics
  • Prof. Giovanni Volpe, Göteborgs universitet, SE – Soft Matter

Former members:
– Dr. Teresa Perez Prado, IMDEA Materials Institute, ES – Materials science